Estate planning is the act of creating documents that dictate an individual's wishes regarding assets or their own person. Without these documents these decisions will be made by other people or the court system. Having the ability to make your own decisions prior to either your death or incapacity can give you peace of mind and comfort. The first document to consider is a Will. This document details what will happen to your assets after you pass. This can be money, investments, real estate and even specific belongings. If you have minor children, it will also detail the guardian(s) of your children. Another document to think about is a Living Will or a Health Care Representative. These documents articulate your wishes regarding your health and medical decisions if you are unable to do so yourself. Finally, there is a Power of Attorney. This document gives another individual the ability to make decisions on your behalf when you are living. Ollennu & Associates will guide you through the process of deciding which documents best suit your needs and create the documents to reflect your decisions. Please call us at (860) 218-2122 to book an appointment and begin the important process of drawing up your Estate Documents. We look forward to working with you.

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