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Deconstructing Commitment

Commitment is multi-dimensional and something we can deconstruct and examine carefully, layer by layer. Essentially, we are asking to know what makes commitments happen, so that we can understand how commitments work, both mentally and physically. The framework we are using` won’t explain every individual mind’s commitment experience, but it gives us a comprehensive view of what, why, and how the universal mind operates when fully committed.

Conceptually, commitment breaks down into: (1) Ideation, (2) Decision, (3) Action and (4) Resolution. These components combined create the committed mind. Additionally, we can precipitate any reality from this mind.

All things that we possess for our use, develop in the mind. They all start as mental objects built from ideas, and then they become the subject of our decisions. When we elect to act on our decisions, our mental objects come to life as resolute manifestations. Mental harmony makes definite decisions possible. We get the outcomes we deserve by pursuing our commitments diligently.

There can’t be any commitment without clear expectations. We have to expect particular kinds of success and understand that true success is about fixed goals in a dynamic mind. It is an expression of mental perfection, which is cultivated, managed and preemptively harvested. It is a full comprehension of desire, which is projected as conscious intelligence. If we don’t understand this relationship between success and commitment, then we will fail.

The whole point of commitment is to tailor success as a definite outcome. This fixed contemplation on success, transforms thoughts into ideas, and then causes ideas to flow with feelings as though they emanate from the heart. Goals infused with power release methods from latent memories. The combined effect of emotional and conscious intelligence becomes the power which propels our efforts forward and backwards. The resulting propulsion moves desires from ideas, to decisions, then through actions to final resolution.

Even if we don’t succeed, we get to try again in better ways, because the committed mind does not acknowledge defeat. It does not recognize external appearances. It is saturated with the belief, faith and determination of success. Thus, it counts failure as an opportunity to refine its methods.

This is why the committed mind is undeterred by dead ends. It simply redirects efforts, while maintaining attention and focus on its definite goals. So, what matters is whether the mind integrates our ideas, decisions, planned actions and resolute conducts into one unbreakable commitment. Methods may vary, but definite outcomes must be reached eventually because we have already paid the full cost the moment the mind became committed.

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